Friday, April 1 / 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM   •   Salon J

Session 72:
School Demography

Chair: Warren A. Brown, Cornell University
Discussant: Robin M. Blakely, Cornell University

  1. Experimenting with School Attendance Area Free Lunch Estimates: A Census 2000 Special Tabulation Case StudyDouglas Geverdt, U.S. Census Bureau

  2. The School Closure Crisis: A Challenge for DemographersJeanne Gobalet, Lapkoff & Gobalet Demographic Research, Inc.

  3. Future Demographic Challenges to California School DistrictsPeter A. Morrison, RAND

  4. Educational Achievement of Adolescents: Does School Segregation Matter?Igor Ryabov, Bowling Green State University

  5. Residential Instability as a Dimension of Rural Community/School District DisadvantageKai A. Schafft, Pennsylvania State University ; Robin M. Blakely, Cornell University

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