Friday, April 1 / 12:30 PM - 2:20 PM   •   Room 405

Session 109:
Immigration and Diversity

Chair: Amon Emeka, University of Southern California
Discussant: Amon Emeka, University of Southern California

  1. Academic Achievements of Children in Immigrant FamiliesWen-Jui Han, Columbia University

  2. The Changing Profile of Arab Peoples in the U.S.: New Evidence from the 2000 CensusAndrzej Kulczycki, University of Alabama at Birmingham ; A. Peter Lobo, New York City Department of City Planning

  3. Naturalization of U.S. Immigrants before Reforms in the 1990sKaren A. Woodrow-Lafield ; Xiaohe Xu, Mississippi State University ; Thomas M. Kersen, University of North Alabama ; Bunnak Poch, University of Chicago

  4. African Immigrants: Patterns of Assimilation – Past Research and New FindingsYetty Shobo, Pennsylvania State University

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